Good morning.

  1. Weight loss and the bike.
  2. I don’t get the “why” of the relevance of this.
  3. For the first time, the birther movement’s point is finally made clear.
  4. Boots on the ground (soon?) in Libya?
  5. Teaching maths.
  6. Two on abortion, numbers and Wisconsin.
  7. One of my favorite hyms of the Lenten/Paschal cycle.
  8. Simon Not-Peter and the Resurrection.
  9. Progressive women doing bad bad things.
  10. On that “weather is getting worse” meme, which has the distinctive charactaristic of being wrong.
  11. The utility of a gang, err, pack of wolves.
  12. The “best”? Seriously! Wow. So the “death panel” team thinks this is a good move? Riiiight.
  13. No.

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