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  1. Scientific method.
  2. Some thoughts on the Olympics. And this too, which raises and interesting question … from what cultural change from the Greeks comes our passion for team vs individual sport?
  3. Quiet and clean, the Father’s called it dispassion.
  4. An Obamacare conversation recalled
  5. and not unrelated, some anticipation of unanticipated consequences.
  6. Let’s see the left thinks voter ID is racist … so, will they admit this is also racism by the same token?
  7. And the destruction of one argument against voter ID succinctly put.
  8. Shape and selection.
  9. Perhaps (as I’ve suggested) to stay in the game TSA needs to move to information tech from search tech. Or more likely a combination of both.
  10. Horrors! Global warming and its consequences.
  11. As usual, lead with a lie ’cause that’s the road to credibility. Seriously, when it’s very cold … that’s weather. When it’s warm … that’s climate. Consistency is king or can any one say “confirmation bias”?
  12. Prototype and what will it cost? Seriously.
  13. Finally, a better response to the “what policy” suggestion best should come from the Aurora shooting … not guns, but better mental health care.
  14. So, riddle me this, how does that fall into the DHS mandate.
  15. Of Syria and intervention.
  16. 25% of Americans make over 250k per year? I didn’t know that.
  17. Talking of horror, the past, and what to make of it.
  18. Worship isn’t about feeling good.
  19. Ephraim!

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