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  1. Don’t just stop at considering lines and planes. Consider pi. Irrational although no measurement can test that. Yet … we find pi in lots of physical situations …. Is Pi real?
  2. Libertarians and taxes here and here.
  3. Perry and the Cowboy image (or reality). Speaking of cowboys, reading books like those by Louis L’Amour are a lot of fine fun (ask in the co-box if you want some title recommendations).’
  4. Speaking of cowboys.
  5. And romance, don’t forget the romance!
  6. Remember Bastiat. And some didn’t ever get point of the lesson.
  7. Ok. I got the book and read about 2/5ths of it last night. That kinda settles the media bias question. Now, what to do about it?
  8. Inferior in what sense? Inferior! Grrr. Them’s fighting words.
  9. Inferior scholarship noted.
  10. Looking back at welfare reform.
  11. Economics and alcholism.
  12. 2nd Amendment worries.
  13. This is not unrelated to #11.

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