Good morning.

  1. Fitness and weight loss, in a nutshell. As a side note, I’m back on the bike, commuting regularly and often not riding directly home. Yay!
  2. Macro as worthless.
  3. Unintended consequences.
  4. What God wants, heh.
  5. Control and coverage in Iran.
  6. A plug by the author hosted on a blog. I’ve ordered the book. Have you?
  7. Sorry, that’s a lie … it’s not the math. Most of the taxable income is in the middle and upper middle class, not the “rich”. Sorry, Mr Obama you flunked maths apparently.
  8. A really really weird bike. (hint: look at the chainring).
  9. Output unnoticed.
  10. Once a darling, now a villain, all for doing the same thing. Odd that.
  11. Speaking of villains,  is this the cause of the recession?
  12. More global warming! Heh.

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