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  1. I’ve never understood the tacit assumption that “salvation-based theologies” would necessarily struggle with intelligence on other planets.
  2. Harnessing the sneeze (and other exhalations).
  3. Oooh, more lies and yes, of course he knew it “entailed risk” after most of the advisers were against it.
  4. Chains and the Internet age.
  5. Clarifying why the modern liberal movement is to be resisted on all fronts, when its stated goal is to dilute the individual.
  6. Those colors hurt.
  7. FEMA now under Mr Obama, change? … not so much.
  8. “Occupy Wall Street” a movement expands, noted here and here.
  9. More seriously.
  10. A contrast shown between Occupy movement and the Tea Party.
  11. Development and design.
  12. Oooh, Mr Krugman notes  DeLong vote in the Brown/Warren race. More here.
  13. Praise for the Romney list.

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