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  1. It’s all about focus … whaddya think of this art piece?
  2. I haven’t read them all yet, but I agree, a disappointing set of answers. “Action as a principle” is the best one I saw in a quick scan of replies.
  3. Build a better battery and the world will beat that path to your door. How about a better FFT?
  4. Stimulus then … and now on account of decades of environmental activism and barriers to construction … that wouldn’t be possible so stimulus today amounted mostly to repaving roads that didn’t need it yet. Now there’s a legacy for which Mr Obama must be very proud.
  5. In praise of really bad science, and perhaps praise is deserved.
  6. A partial defense of SOPA/PIPA.
  7. On those who think Mr Tebow prays for victory (haven’t apparently noticed he thanks God when he loses).
  8. It’s unclear what they fear, that these two Democrat majority companies might be compared?
  9. Not that’s educational, let’s have a debate … and then in the aftermath one side is termed “a bully” for merely participating.
  10. Losing our edge, evidence here.
  11. Drones in combat.
  12. Zoom.
  13. Apparently every statement made by the DNC is “officially doctrine” for every Democrat.
  14. History and 4 bits.

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