Good morning.

  1. A spanking good movie … but origins of the day are noted in detail.
  2. Mr Romney’s inelegant phrase regarding the homeless and the liberal caricature of same noted. The strange thing about that is that basically Mr Romney is right. We’re in a recession. The primary problem/fix is not to centered on the addicted and mentally ill, … right.
  3. The left atwitter for about, well, very little.
  4. Three books on Orthodoxy, reviewed.
  5. How to use that welfare gold-mine?
  6. A better measure of unemployment?
  7. Counter expectations on deadbeat spouse statistics.
  8. Atheist journalist getting double facepalm, rightly.
  9. Wishing the risk away, or Mr Obama promises “and a pony too.”
  10. One crucial ingredient to good science, … unicorns!
  11. New stuff for the boys in uniform.
  12. Enemy lists.
  13. Cool.

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