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  1. Care bear meta-ethics.
  2. For the fast, advice.
  3. So, is this the origin of the “slut/prostitute” claim? … condoms cost what? $.50 each? $3000 per year sure buys a lot of ’em … Speaking of which, the 98% of Catholic women use contraception claim … there are 22 million Catholics in this country and 12 million women use contraception … by which we can estimate that almost no non-Catholic women use contraception. Odd that.
  4. Useful remarks on Mr Rush’s apology can be found here.
  5. One more on that front.
  6. The Lorax, not a tale of environmentalism, but one against stupid supply chain management.
  7. Apparently we are to believe that teachers cannot figure out which teachers are good and bad. Sorry, that’s not tenable or even credible.
  8. So, the left espouses separate but equal?
  9. Speaking of inner city … a book recommended.
  10. Get into the zone.
  11. Let’s see a company mismanages funds, cuts back … however when it occurs is that the reaction? No, if not why not?
  12. “Reduce costs by reducing births?” … uhm, hello? People produce stuff. Zero people -> zero production.
  13. Trend our government wants to achieve? Hope, change and progress, eh? If we reduce the number of hospitals that will reduce money spent on healthcare (consider the limit).

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