Good morning.

  1. Let’s start with some doodles, of a non-graphical sort.
  2. If you believe a thing to be true, it’s not lying … if you publish it in a paper however, it means your editor is sleeping on the job.
  3. Racial blinders. It’s not race, it’s culture, btw.
  4. Oh go ahead, be happy.
  5. Looking at the prospect of naval warfare and situational/geographical tactics.
  6. Are we really talking about Jean Valjean stealing a loaf of bread?
  7. Coloration.
  8. Considering the Boston brothers with bombs.
  9. And something more to be said on that front.
  10. Rolling back the clock, is it possible?
  11. Heh.
  12. The trials and tribulations of covering the military.
  13. In need of financial advice.
  14. Mad skillz.

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