G’day again.

  1. Spot the horrible warming trend.
  2. Mr Clinton says it was a lie too. And he’s not alone. Of course that begs the question of why, unlike the rest of us, they didn’t realize it when he said it and not now.
  3. Enrollment numbers, success was 500k, got 50k … and they lied to get to arrive at 50k  … wonder how low it really was, eh?
  4. Doc Ock wasn’t a credible villain … comes to life.
  5. Advocates for any given thing often bring them to demonstrations. Liberals find that odd apparently.
  6. Servicemen drink. Who knew?
  7. Progress in peer review?
  8. No. What we need are people to look at studies (eg) which show no correlation between gun violence a gun control legislation.


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