1. So, how does a liberal conscious of the Black slavery history think gun control a good idea?
  2. Alas, it is indeed pretty much a guarantee of diversity.
  3. Bracket madness of a ‘nother sort.
  4. Actually, neither of those resemble science. Actually science more resembles hunting for problems or experiments that are interesting and feasible, doing/solving them. Rinse and repeat.
  5. The modern mirror.
  6. What we want vs what the our beltway masters think we want.
  7. What throwing away information gets you.
  8. Not 19th century, alas. Those ignorant of history, doomed to, well, look ignorant at best.
  9. The term “Oriental” is Not Racist. The loony left notwithstanding racist terms are not “accidentally” insulting or racist.
  10. So, a study finds drug to be ineffective. Which wins, the study or the drug?
  11. That invincible scientific consensus. Policy momentum (like the above) will ignore that for quite some time to come.
  12. So, the liberal echo chamber has been pushing that one reason to ignore the Koch brothers (on energy matters) is their investments in oil sands. Hmm. I guess this means one reason to ignore Mr Gore and the like are their investments in alternative energy and carbon offset providers. Consistency is one of those rare things.
  13. Noah and some good signs.
  14. High drone.
  15. Hobby Lobby. Read the brief, note the lack of counter argument from the left of the aisle that actually address the points made.
  16. Or as the demotivational poster puts it, “None of us is as dumb as all of us”.
  17. It’s called, “education” for a reason ya knucklehead.
  18. Word migration.

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