Well, links?

  1. Stupid scholastic tricks.
  2. In a barely comprehensible move, an openly sexist site bemoans sexism.
  3. This is not unrelated, i.e., sexism noted.
  4. Obamacare continues to be a disaster.
  5. Just think some publisher paid her money to write that tripe. As for myself, it would take a great deal of money to convince me read even a little bit of it. I suspect that is true of a lot of people. Which makes it confusing why a publisher would want to publish such things. She is however, quite color blind when it comes to money.
  6. This book however, looks interesting.
  7. Speaking of books, this is what happens when two administrations in a row ignore David Petraeus’s book on counter-insurgency. Particularly the importance of other governmental agencies and specialties be engaged in rebuilding and enriching the country in question.
  8. Ice sheets melting, CO2 not implicated, oops.
  9. So I missed this when I sojourned in the wilderness. Did you?
  10. Medical ethics.
  11. Stupid liberal reactions noted.
  12. Two speeches.
  13. Screw the nanny state. Just stop it now!
  14. Why not “and”?
  15. Awesome illustrations.

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