1. It is noted that Mr Obama was not so loquacious at the economic summit. Also from the same author/source, the Joe Wilson problem … he was, you now, lying.
  2. Surprise! Gambling in the casino, the gendarmes is oh so surprised. How about Mr Obama? More here. And here.
  3. A3 TDI gets 78mpg. Will it be sold in the US? I doubt it. After all, we have ca$h for clunkers.
  4. Mr bin Laden’s bet.
  5. Poland invades.
  6. Brandon has his links at Siris. But y’all already knew that.
  7. A right to healthcare. A right to food. Pretty soon, there’ll be a right to television.
  8. I wonder how prostrations would fly?
  9. First the nanny state and the nanny marketplace. Next, the nanny battlefield?
  10. On 13 days.
  11. Sherman and Xenophon.
  12. Mr Polanski, so far I have yet any defenders of his.
  13. Math and utility, harking back to Mr Wigner’s paper on the unreasonbleness of the nature between math and the world.
  14. Kremlin spin.

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