1. Of the changes in Europe and in America and the fading of their socialist/statist dreams.
  2. Science and politics and climate.
  3. On healing and a religious tragedy.
  4. Mr Obama and “excuse mongering.”
  5. Whence comes this persons theory of counter-terrorism as distinct from COIN? Is he just making stuff up?
  6. Chastising the phrase “original intent.”
  7. Breaking down the “no religion” sector.
  8. What a bigger state looks like.
  9. Well, I said I wouldn’t touch the Polanski kerfuffle, but … I this makes a good point. And this question for his apologists.
  10. Latvia … ahead of the US and Amtrak.
  11. Now, after reading that, I want to see the film.
  12. Obama. Pragmatist? Nyet.
  13. Looking at healthcare and legislative strategy.
  14. A lot of back tucks.
  15. On degeneration of language, specifically English.

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