1. Jet lag, and rat research.
  2. Marxist paranoia … begging the question if the flue requires close contact of human, avian, and porcine populations … where are the birds and people in that particular scenario?
  3. If your choices however historically have proven good … why does it matter that your explanation is not necessarily right.
  4. Ancient gadgetry.
  5. Yes, I think it shows the artist is “an idiot” too … although idiot might not be my first choice of terminology. How about blinkered fool or should the term “pander” get in their somewhere.
  6. Peace?
  7. Macrina suggests her next close reading project.
  8. Will retractions and corrections fly in a flurry … or not? And if not why not?
  9. On the obscenity in broadcasting judgement. I think in discussions what is being missed is that the SCOTUS doesn’t (rightly) adjudicate on what is ethical or moral but if the law penned by Congress and the action in question are Constitutional.
  10. Eudaimonia read wrongly or at least a very non-Aristotelian take on pursuit of happiness.
  11. Mr Bush and Mr Obama, two (Jacobin) birds of a feather?
  12. Manliness matters.
  13. Torture and pacifism conjoined.
  14. History repeats.
  15. A possible shift, explanations requested.
  16. A conversation which should embarrass liberals.
  17. What separates the casual user from the addict on the bike, I don’t think I ever get on a bike without checking tire pressure first.
  18. A “profuse” apology? or defining apology down.
  19. Please. If “everyone” makes new music … then that new music will suck. A great percentage of new music by people with training and talent sucks … just think if people without training or talent start making music. Oh, joy.
  20. Asceticism and American piety.

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