Good morning.

  1. I normally don’t. Do you?
  2. Election blues.
  3. Robotic butlers with guns.
  4. Earth day … and I had trouble making sense of the first sentence. What does it mean to be a “denlalist” of a new-fangled faux holiday.
  5. Heavy presence in the room.
  6. Not getting the cloning thing, here and here. I suppose this would make more sense if I had any notion of who Mr Caplan might be, but sorry I’ve never heard of him and therefore the import of some dude you’ve never heard of says something silly is just a tad weak.
  7. Private association.
  8. Free speech.
  9. A question for the libertarians against the draft … if a lack of draft meant losing the Civil war and WWII would you still be against the draft?
  10. Violence, tea party, and liberal stupidity.
  11. A life not wasted, and one metric.

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