Good morning.

  1. Monster …  chess?
  2. Katrina moment meme upside down.
  3. Uhm, yikes.
  4. Teachers and unions.
  5. Who cares? Bush and Obama.
  6. Tawdry gossip.
  7. Before the speech, what not to say. So … looking at the transcript (I haven’t yet) how badly did he score? More here.
  8. After the speech, notes here and here and here and here.
  9. Financial seismology?
  10. Broken windows anyone?
  11. Prayers requested.
  12. Change of which we can hope for more.
  13. Sex and Christianity, a passage quoted.
  14. Alas.
  15. Green snake oil.
  16. A girl. No gears.

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