Good morning.

  1. I’m confused by the phrase “cap Medicare at GDP + x%”, because taken at face value that caps it at all we earn plus some. That’s no cap.
  2. Letters from a farmer.
  3. Stupidity in Illinois.
  4. The fantasy of Mr Krugman, the RSS lede line, “privatization doesn’t reduce costs” … you know except for usually it does. Or is that “making it public means cost is no longer a consideration” somehow on his planet doesn’t mean costs increase. 
  5. Still not reading Ms Delsol, Unlearned Lessons being quite the primer on a secular defense of human exceptionalism.
  6. Past slogans coming back to bite?
  7. Da big bike race in May, after Amstel Gold this weekend, “la doyenne” is the next.
  8. Contra Ms Rand.
  9. Hmm. I thought Christ was to judge at the final day … not steve.
  10. More on Minsk.
  11. Watching the watchers.
  12. The word for our future.
  13. Although I’m looking for my next car, more fuel efficient than the last, price is a consideration.
  14. Duh.

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