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  1. Under what pretense is enforcement of belief in the same room as good science? Remember, you’re allowed to question proton stability or the dimensions of the universe, but y’know that’s not on the same footing however as the anthropological influences on climate.
  2. Them horrible costs of contraception. People have been known to open a second mortgage to afford their condom habit.
  3. tale of two Sherlocks.
  4. Pay and the federal worker, here and here. The second, alas, includes the laughable notion that if government pay was less then we’d see a lower quality in government workers. As if pay was related to quality of work and quality relating firings were common in government.
  5. Toys that go boom in the night.
  6. More here.
  7. Mr Obama as VC entrepeneur … those on the left will of now jump to his defense listing his many successes in this field. Yes? or not?

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