Good morning.

  1. Duh. It doesn’t matter, carbon taxes are an indulgence offering and a way to keep the poor down … the effect on climate is not relevant to its fans.
  2. Looking at spin and Mr Holder.
  3. For y’all who think that government isn’t good at anything, a counterexample.
  4. Ct-thinking about Cthulhu.
  5. From China, here and here.
  6. Bayes theorem and sitting on the can vacillating for half a year.
  7. Death and the blogger.
  8. Yankee independence is apparently not the way to go reading the tea leaves from the state of the onion speech.
  9. No. We don’t say that. We just tiredly remark that “not an Emperor” is a feature not a bug.
  10. Stereotyping.
  11. “Greater” … nope. Greater than one? Probably not.
  12. Drones. Not unrelated.
  13. After Mr Chu.
  14. On guns. Grist for the mill.
  15. Good idea or not?

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