Hello. Cold out there it seems. Mr Gore apparently not in touch (this weather may be cold but it only “extreme” if you are susceptible to confirmation bias … in which case you think the climate is radically changing because of normal weather patterns like el Nino (Nina?) moving the jetstream). Links?

  1. Place and income mobility. At a glance, you’re best of in the Mid-west and West.
  2. Chaos and electric demand.
  3. Another question for the pseudo-intellectual Gore.
  4. Repealing the 14th in practice.
  5. Twitter as precis practice.
  6. Finding love.
  7. Or finding something akin to love in the wrong places.
  8. Energy balance and the sloth.
  9. Always beware of the “I can’t imagine” argument, it’s a not-well-known rhetorical/logical fallacy.
  10. Cinema.
  11. Mr Huckabee was he recently abused for making sense?
  12. Return query, replace “all women” with “All men” or “all fans of Charles Dickens” “all prefer pink to purple” (to which you’d should object). If the criteria isn’t germane to the topic using it is a criteria is bigotry or race/sex/whatever-criteria -ism.
  13. Language does not commute (order matters).
  14. Uranium enrichment numbers.

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