Well, the on-site work last night went past midnight, hence my cunning plan for a post from the hotel didn’t quite work out.

  1. Some four months ago or so, I read that book on recommendation by an acquaintance. I’d recommend this one too. I was joking that my reading that was the unintentional cause of the Putin/Crimean adventure, and that I’d better be careful about reading World War history in the near future.
  2. So, “how you hold your drink” apparently is making the rounds. A rebuttal (without mentioning beer helmets … wine helmets anyone?)
  3. Saint Gregory Palamas on the Zen Koan “Does a dog have Buddha Nature?”
  4. A man remembered.
  5. Whew!
  6. What happens when you misread “Hetpa” as “Herpa” … and go into a post thinking it’s about snakes.
  7. A whole winter’s worth for a continent is not “weather”, it’s getting close to being “climate”, eh.
  8. Or to put it more succinctly, you should be going to, not running from.
  9. Why check? Who has standing to sue?
  10. Aristophanes revenge.
  11. Mr Obama misses Tom & Jerry.
  12. This will make news.

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