So, what’s out there today, eh?

  1. Well, there was a study it seems which in part showed that highly politically partisan did worse at objectively evaluating data the better at maths they were. So, birds of a feather, for example … here and here. Flock off.
  2. And on the subject of Obamacare, an study in miniature.
  3. I have to say, my #1 daughter when she was that age. Absolutely loved lemons. So much we had to limit them as we thought they’d ruin her teeth.
  4. That mythical plan rears its ugly head. I think calling Mr Obama’s “plan” for Nuclear Zero a, well, plan, insults everything else that might be termed plan.
  5. So, liberals have a “plan” for cleaning up elections, apparently it involves burning the Constitution. The other “counter” plan the libs bruited involves full disclosure of donations for political groups. ‘Cause that would have worked really well in the McCarthy era … and gosh why not suggest full disclosure of votes as well? Hmm.
  6. For your efficient triple tap.
  7. Liberal Mozilla reaction apparently illegal. Woops.
  8. Grist for your discussions on unions an NCAA sports.
  9. Geometry and Saturn.
  10. Of elections and numbers.

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