Spring is sort of creeping in, snow is still however in some weekend forecasts and the trees are still bare.

  1. Worried? There are reasons to worry, I doubt that is near the top of the list (HT).
  2. Women not liked on the left. Is the dangerous girl an aspect to that? You’d think the whole “truth to power” thing would strike a positive chord.
  3. Asses in church.
  4. A suggestion for a development that we’d all applaud. How about knocking down our protective trade barriers too while we’re at it?
  5. What the heck?
  6. Putting the Elane case to a point.
  7. So, need a pick-me-up? You’re feel good moment.
  8. Evil made possibly by euphemism, an example.
  9. Nothing could go wrong with that, eh? Training and supporting bin Laden worked so so well.
  10. Giving restaurant reviewers a bad name … or a wake up call.

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