Bright week (what the East calls the Paschal week), halfway done.

  1. Yur friendly neighborhood faux-Cherokee is “surprised”. Yah, right.
  2. This is not unrelated.
  3. Some maths for your entertainment.
  4. Feels good vs actually looking at the data. Someday soon the same crowd will do the same thing with all the climate noise.
  5. So what’s that mean? Gender was kind like pirate rules, i.e., guidelines or that they don’t have earlier data?
  6. One pointer at dark matter.
  7. Who pays, well the victim pays more it sounds like.
  8. Conventional wisdom puts fascism on the far right and communism on the far left. Conventional wisdom, historically speaking, is usually wrong.
  9. Government, as Mr Schraub noted, is uniquely situated to make fair judgements. Alas, more commonly they are uniquely situated to make stupid decisions have dire consequences, which by dumb luck didn’t actually transpire here.
  10. Judging not by the content of your character … but the color your skin or the contents of your pants.
  11. This it seems is a pattern.


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