So. How about some wordy links?

  1. Teh racism. Or not, eh? So, this Sterling fella. Apparently for 10-15 years, “everybody knew” he was prone to make similar remarks (source: ESPN radio Mike/Mike this morning). The recording the NBA will “announce their actions/sanctions” was illegally made. Which is apparently not important to the left. At least this time, unlike the last with the Wisconsin Sentator’s remarks, they aren’t claiming teh racism for comments which were basically exactly the same thing as the President’s own remarks. Somebody smarter than me can tell me how/why those who think taboo’s in general are bad and should be tested at the same time are busy erecting new taboo’s?
  2. Speaking of making words taboo. The UK doesn’t like freedom of speech.
  3. Oh, it’s not misanthropic. That’s the wrong word. It’s elitist.
  4. I have to say there’s a critical flaw in Mr Martin’s thesis. He asks whether Gondor after defeating Sauron went on to kill all those “baby orcs in their baby orc cradles”. Orcs are monsters. They aren’t men. Solzhenitsyn coined the phrase that the line between good and evil goes though every man’s heart. That doesn’t hold for orcs (and other monsters). No good there. Just evil. Killing baby evil monsters isn’t morally tinged with doubt whether they will grow up to be a good orc or not. There is no doubt.
  5. Here’s an example with by itself disproves its thesis. Kinda like a Barack Obama speech.
  6. Mr Challies is wrong yet again. That’s both far too complicated and just plain wrong. In this book, it is recounted that Father Arseny had a vision during some torture. He could see all those around him, with a flame inside them which represented the “light of Christ”. A church which fails is one that forgets fostering that light in all around you isn’t everyone’s job is one that fails. It’s as simple as that.
  7. For the Palin fans, this time with a twist as most of my “Palin fan” remarks go to reasonable things Ms Palin has said. This time, what she says is unreasonable. Recently I was part of a discussion, in which my interlocotur painted himself in a position vis a vis euthenasia in which his opposition to torture is no longer tenable. That is to say if you think dehydration of the infirm is an acceptable way to kill your beloved parent (which by the way is the law of the land), then your objection to waterboarding becomes incoherent. Unless you figure Jesus injunction that we love our enemies as a corollary means we should treat as enemies those who love and are loved by us.
  8. So, up north the ice is melting … finally.
  9. For the gun control crowd. The masters have different rules than us plebes, eh?
  10. So, by the Gini metric income inequality has not increased apparently. So, sounds like those who find this a problem might be in the Mark Twain “lies, damned lies, and statistics” camp.
  11. An interesting case to foster ethics discussions.

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