1. Biden and Israel.
  2. A roundup from yesterday’s stage at le Tour.
  3. This is not completely unrelated.
  4. A post-theistic moral framework … which I plan to read carefully, but offer for discussion anyhow.
  5. Some grist for the “smart” as a primary qualification for leadership roles mill.
  6. Is our “stimulus” locally tailored?
  7. Public healthcare and the UK.
  8. What Obama plans to give up. But why?
  9. A dissident passes.
  10. First thoughts is going nuts on Charity in Truth (Benedict’s encyclical). That link is the first of many. How many secular or progressives will give it a serious reading and discuss online?
  11. Beauty (and a foolish tree).
  12. Wages, Wal-mart and choices Obama wants to take from us.
  13. “There’s one piece of persistent dishonesty in the debate over health care that I would like to see vanish once and for all. It concerns the word…” and “hilzoy” didn’t get it. She has hers. I have mine … which is that private insurance isn’t the insurance I’ve paid for. I’d offer mine complaint is more common on her side than hers is on mine.
  14. More skewed history from that man in the white house.
  15. On Mr Obama’s South American mistake.

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