1. Cry Havok! And let loose the (false) accusations of racist!
  2. Our Brave New World, it has such creatures in it … and good reasons for concealed carry.
  3. Your (sort of) feel good story for today.
  4. Given that most of the very rich are liberals I don’t understand their objection to these kinds of results.
  5. Now the TPM (a very strictly liberal blog) has been holding a stupidity seance and has attempted to trawl news feeds for any and all mentions of misuse of firearms. Odd then that they seem to have missed this story. Oh, wait. He’s a Democrat, that must lead to some confusion on their part.
  6. Half of a conversation about climate. The questions seem reasonable as do the responses.
  7. Liberal responses to bread lines is confusing. They seem to envy the shortages and lines of the Communist era countries. I’m confused why long lines forcing to people to get stuff they don’t really want is seen as a good thing.
  8. Because it is very important that the working poor fund the arts and not rich donors.
  9. More liberals waxing stupidity and intolerance. It’s like a theme or something.
  10. Location location location.
  11. So, one of important “cause cutting” measures in Obamacare was to curtail and penalize re-admissions because they were a sign of … oh, what? Oops. Oh. I see, it’s a sign of people making unwarranted assumptions.
  12. A man and his lies, exposed.
  13. Well, to be honest, not just Democrats are stupid. Take modern dating trends, how’s that for dumb?

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