So. Tonight was the last of the bridegroom matins. This one has the Hymn of Cassia, which is a beautiful liturgical poem. Links?

  1. Mr Obama’s assassination insurance still on the job, the bombing was “worth it” indeed.
  2. Some cuteness. On the other hand, I recall returning from a business week-long trip to my 3-4 month old #1 daughter when she was at an age when strong emotions (both good and bad) evoked tears. She was sitting in the living room, not looking at me because it caused her to cry.
  3. How Congress would unload trucks.
  4. Torture noted.
  5. Yes. I’ll go with “too paranoid.” Much of our supply lines to Afghanistan is via Russia itself. If they wanted to obstruct things, be easier shut that pipeline off by just say’n “nyet.”
  6. But … it’s for the children!
  7. Coincedence? I’d offer … probably not.
  8. That can (usually doesn’t) cost upwards of (gasp) $50 … says a guy who apparently doesn’t ever buy a tank of gas, or take a family to the movies.
  9. The libertarian choice discussed.


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