1. Ambrose lives on.
  2. So, we’re all failing to see the strategy here.
  3. Trying the “I’m not trying to make money, I’m just delusional” gambit.
  4. Not unrelated to the above.
  5. So. Will that support evaporate or not? If you were Ukrainian would you bet on more support than we gave Hungary in the ’56?
  6. Temperature fluctuations show correlations with … hmm, solar output.
  7. All of course explained by recent fluctuations in gun control legislation … oops … what do you mean there haven’t been any changes!? Never mind then.
  8. The response should have been, “Dear, data entry is not math, that is preschool level arithmetic.” If you say anything at all.
  9. Yikes.
  10. Looks like a place for those with money to burn.
  11. Doesn’t look “irreverent” to me. It looks like a darn good time is had by all … and quite festive.
  12. What we used to call “binge eating” has a new euphemism.
  13. So why aren’t math professors sociopathic … but why on the hand, do we find that Disney writers are?


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