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Things Heard: e312v5

Oooh. I get to work this weekend in the land of hot and dry.

  1. Stupid human tricks.
  2. Something about history and ignorance from the prior post is recapped here, uhm, Poul Anderson’s High Crusade comes to mind.
  3. What to do if your car gets a browser.
  4. Until a baby sitter attaches it to the family dog and lets it run.
  5. Academics often tout “there are no stupid questions” … this blog site contradicts that premise with the “multiple attempts … (to ask the world’s dumbest question)”.
  6. So. Is that a maxim? Is it true that “No coerced virtue is a virtue?” It’s true for charity?
  7. $11 billion. Yikes.
  8. Is real?

Things Heard: e312v3n4


  1. Meta-ethics and theology.
  2. He’s got the look. (had?)
  3. Appropriate force, a suggested metric.
  4. This is not unrelated. And besides, the way Palestine wages war is designed to increase Palestinian civilian casualties. Guess what? It works.
  5. Ban having wrong effect.
  6. So. Do you love it? My advice for people who hate exercise, is to use a rowing machine as it has the most bang for your minute giving you strength + cardio hitting all your big muscles at the same time.
  7. Well, if the headline doesn’t take things out of context, that’s a self-refuting statement. I suspect however, it was merely a laugh line.
  8. Slurp.
  9. Unintended irony provided by government incompetence (or is it intentional malpractice?)
  10. State and the 2nd.
  11. With that in mind, it seems signs suggesting most efficient behavior would be better than just “merge ahead”.
  12. A gadget to watch for.

Things Heard: e312v1n2

Thumbs up on Guardians …  links?

  1. In spite of? The rest of the sports world calls it a “contract year” and typically athletes (oddly enough) excel at such times.
  2. disagree, lives both American, Japanese and others were saved. How about returning eastern bloc captives (to the Germans) in WWII to Stalin against their protestations or post WWII repairing Kolyma transport ships which we sold them in the first place as unforced “bad things” in our past?
  3. Those many socialist medical advances.
  4. Technology and the poor.
  5. Good or bad?
  6. Training. Which brings to mind the immortal Fausto Coppi quote on training for cycling, “Ride a bike, ride a bike, ride a bike”.
  7. Pretty.
  8. If this administration (or other beltway knuckleheads) ask for “loyalty oaths” … grrrrr.
  9. Possibly confused about the Michael Phelps set, which mixes strength and endurance leaning toward the former, not the latter.
  10. Because our Administration and the Democrats are absolutely certain they don’t want another repeat of the Martin Luther King Jr debacle.
  11. More on Piketty.
  12. Democracy in a nutshell.
  13. Stupid democracy tricks are not confined to this side of the pond however.
  14. A pattern begun.

Things Heard: e311v2n3

Well, worked hard enough that I think I can come home (sort of) a day early, Thursday night instead of mid-day Friday.

  1. Our press missed another one. Or did I miss the flood of reporting and in depth analysis (I don’t think I did).
  2. Spot on, for myself Cassian trumped Augustine and I crossed the Bosporus.
  3. proposal. Comments?
  4. So … do you think it worked or not?
  5. Western Europeans should not be proud.
  6. Speaking of which, … a suggestion.
  7. A bad anti-gun argument, which makes a case for women to be armed and trained, which I’m (just) guessing wasn’t the point.
  8. Boredom. Never a problem with the universe, which is endlessly fascinating, but with you. Kids don’t appreciate being told that however.
  9. Liberals will never ever believe that even though true.
  10. So, why illegal (besides government is up to it’s normal tricks, e.g., being stupid). And seems to me you should be signing things to get not refuse liability coverage. Our society has it bas-ackwards.
  11. Hack. Spit. (all I have to say, except geesh Biden is contemptible)
  12. No, no no. Democrats are the cargo cultists in that analogy, Kerry is the faux airplane.
  13. Pride in your country, eh?
  14. Love of sport.
  15. Criticism of Pickety (HT).
  16. A good response to the “plagarism because of PTSD” excuse.
  17. If you didn’t think people were incredibly weird … just sayin

Things Heard: e311v1

From the city of Henderson, affixed to the somewhat ghastly garish city of Los Vegas comes … links

  1. Re Piketty.
  2. Non-violence and guns, what you didn’t know, part one and two.
  3. Ballet noted.
  4. The unimpressive Mr Kerry’s impressively bad idea. The “bad” is the reason for the repeated adjective.
  5. Foodly notions.
  6. Surprise, not.
  7. Diogenes failed to find an honest man. Liberal’s arguing that the “state” in the Obamacare mandate included the feds … are evidence he’d still be looking. Liberals who argue that way are impressively dishonest. Look when you specifically design a thing to exclude the fed subsidy as an incentive to get states to buy in … then you can’t down the road argue you mean to include fed subsidies. You just can’t, and retain any sense of respect.
  8. Won’t end well.
  9. A top ten headline.
  10. What is it.
  11. Failing, as so many do, to replace “terrorist” with synonyms like “mass murderers” and/or “serial killers”. Because that is what they are. And no, “this isn’t personal it’s political” doesn’t excuse mass murder. Sorry.

Gotta run.

Things Heard: e310v1-3

Man. It’s hot down South, especially when where you work isn’t air conditioned. I kept wiping sweat from my laptop keyboard today.

  1. Hmm.
  2. or should the be Mmmm.
  3. So. Is turnabout fair play?
  4. Up up and away.
  5. First off … as far as I can see Putin and Russia have nothing to gain (and perhaps some to lose) by doing so. Anybody out there think they can see a gain for them? If not, then this is not a surprise.
  6. Let’s see, those who study gun violence find said violence has little sensitivity to gun control legislation yet the left promotes that above all else to control said violence. A pattern emerges. Stupid travels in packs.
  7. Statism and its effects.
  8. I travel quite a bit. This I’ve never noticed.
  9. Mr Dungy’s remarks. If Mr Dungy had said, “I wouldn’t want to draft the President’s son (assume for a moment the President or some similarly famous individual had entering the draft as a prospective 5th (!!!) round offensive linemen) because of the press and attention and non-football related distractions surrounding him.” People would nod understanding. Guess what. Same thing here. You people who want to find a bigot under every rock … are practicing what you wish to detract.
  10. From the opinion, the salient quote. Principled objections?
  11. film noted. I think it’s important to point out, realistic gun behavior (unlike the film in question) improves not detracts the story, the drama, and the tension. It works in books. Why doesn’t the US film industry get that?
  12. Musing on the future.
  13. The other way the “health care costs” are bent down. And it’s not a good way, which is to say eschewing progress.
  14. Demographics.

Things Heard: e309v4


  1. So. A bad year for Malaysian airlines, a flight from Kuala Lampur to Amsterdam (I believe) was shot down over the Ukraine.  True to form the talking heads say stupid things, here and here. “May be a tragedy” Hmm. What more do you need to know to figure out that this was not a tragedy but a horrible act of terror. And “Hell to pay”? What?! You’re going to do what!? I’ll make my prediction on the outcome of this. The conventional wisdom or generally accepted wisdom of what actually happened will be a lie. Decades down the road when the truth comes out, it won’t be the story that you hear a month or two from now.
  2. Here is some reaction from the East.
  3. How Obamacare bends the cost curve. They didn’t promise which direction it would bend, eh?
  4. Not what you want to see.
  5. Probably not a site to warm the cockles of the hearts of the pro-abortion crowd. (with that in mind … )
  6. A suggestion for a best piece. I’d go with Shostokovich’s 10th.
  7. From the crowd that misunderstands the Constitution and Bill of Rights. When it doesn’t make a difference a thing should be allowed, not restricted. Hint: Where gun laws are relaxed it leads to no perceptible increase in gun violence. Duh.
  8. The UN and legal responsibility.
  9. Imaging the earth’s interior.

Things Heard: e309v3



  1. This is said a lot (that good teachers don’t insist a student “believe”, or pretend to believe, what the teacher believes to get a good grade). I don’t think it is true. A commentor remarks that this may not be true in science but is in philosophy. Let’s see a student decide that predicate logic is random nonsense and see how that flies. The point is, that even in philosophy or other “soft” sciences you can’t just believe whatever you want willy-nilly and pretend that’s just your opinion … so you should get a good grade no matter what you say. I’m not saying this well. The point being all fields have parts which are bedrock, which make up the framework of discussion and are not negotiable. Then there are those points on which reasonable people can differ. You can’t disagree that 1+1=2, but you can on the axiom of choice. Same goes for Philosophy, Econ and other such fields of study.
  2. Continuing with the right’s inability to grok what the left is all up in arms about with respect to Hobby Lobby, e.g., how is “not buying you something” an imposition.
  3. Of what interest would the justice department have in a parade (answer: Constitutionally speaking none at all). Y’all on the left can now explain.
  4. So. Does that conservative pass the liberal Turing test?
  5. Betcha it won’t be sold here.

Hmm. Slow news day?

Things Heard: e309v1n2

So, emergency run Sunday night through today to a customer site. Ahm back.

  1. To distinguish from the amphibian crises.
  2. A description of liberal attitudes.
  3. Summertime homework.
  4. Grist for the marriage discussion.
  5. Sounds likely, although I think the correlation is that increased wealth leads to more consumption and wealth tracks also with green.
  6. Two dismal wizards disagree.
  7. Qualified is not a high on the Democratic voter’s list of concerns.
  8. When I was growing up, reading the books, honor was important and I still think it is. Killing your children however doesn’t remotely connect with any notion of honorable actions that I’ve ever heard of. It would be nice if the right meaning of honor became the primary one again.
  9. Tis true.
  10. He rode and tried to get back in the bunch for almost an hour. Remember that.
  11. suspect caffeine and alcohol and sugar aren’t on this list.
  12. Put these two posts together, here and here.
  13. A book noted. another one of a different sort.

Things Heard: e308v4


  1. The first sentence highlights a thing I never have understood, the hardship chic, recovering poor/drug abuser/alcoholic/what-have-you as a good thing.
  2. Almost certainly fictional but I laughed anyway.
  3. That immigration thang, #3 is the salient point. This an attack.
  4. D&D strikes again. Speaking of which.
  5. Glub.
  6. Content and intent. Apparently only the latter is required.
  7. Turnabout in politics remains not fair play. The rest of us disagree.
  8. Why?
  9. For those who think net security is never needed.
  10. A worse job than yours … assuming that the guy who has that job isn’t reading this.
  11. Hmm. Knowing how long you have to wait makes a big difference.
  12. Subway.
  13. Advertising done right.

Things Heard: e308v3

A little late, ’cause feedly seemed to be down.

  1. Voter Id coming back into the news.
  2. But this probably won’t be. Hopefully, ’cause it sounds like sound and fury signifying very little.
  3. Works for me. And I should be ashamed, I guess.
  4. That right/left ire, a clue to a possible cause.
  5. More Clinton backstory.
  6. Sexual “harassment” and poorly thought out guidelines.
  7. A book noted.
  8. Something for the affirmative action fans.
  9. The party ‘gainst women.
  10. No.
  11. So. There’s a “border crises”. Lots of talk. Allegedly for some reason which nobody seems to talk about suddenly (?) thousands of unaccompanied minors are flooding across our southern border. Why? It seems odd to me that nobody at all seems to be talking about that. When you have a bacterial infection you take antibiotics and not drugs to combat fever. Because that’s the root cause.

Things Heard: e308v1

Fourth of July last weekend.

  1. Just remember, bloating and excessive urination.
  2. This silliness is making the rounds.
  3. It’s on my bookshelf (and bucket list, if I had one).
  4. Yikes.
  5. A bad use of the word “but”.
  6. Of Primping and display. I’m unimpressed by the whole experiment. Men who “shave below the neck” are swimmers and bodybuilders. Gosh that’s a horrible thing to emulate. Cyclists shave their legs.
  7. Doctors and basic math and logic.
  8. Don’t worry, famous jurists make logic errors ala little Sonia.
  9. Word.
  10. Religion and life.
  11. Nature photo-bombing.

Things Heard: e307v1n2n3

So, after midnight last night, power was restored (Monday my hometown had tornadoes which didn’t touch down pass over … much tree damage and power outages resulted). Now the Hurricane Sandy/Katrina survivors are not impressed by 30 hours (but with fresh water and gas) as something to note, and it wasn’t that bad, but … it is nice to have power again nevertheless.


  1. Something liberal school administrators (and politicians) have trouble understanding.
  2. Case in point.
  3. A weak defense of Ms Clinton’s rape defense case.
  4. Weather.
  5. Two lists, one with everything not that is not a empty hard vacuum and the other list has everything else. Not very useful, eh?
  6. And then … I met Mr Clinton.
  7. So, I’m going to not remark overmuch on the Hobby Lobby decision which brought a big explosion of stupid from the left (e.g., “this mean if I have a religious call to kill this decision allows that” (Chicago Tribune columnist … hint: no it doesn’t) or Gosh why do companies like Hobby Lobby not object to viagra (Pheminist Filosophers … hint: a closely held company could … but consider what you’re asking about … d’ya think you can find a real religion worshiped in this country by any plurality that doesn’t favor fertility and family over killing children and fetus? Theology and life vs death, very little theology prefers the latter. Not actually so very hard to imagine.) This post, is the closest to an intelligent response from the left, but strikes out on point 5, in which he somehow forgets the reasoning that was allowed sort of in point 2 … that is the court found that the burdening of beliefs was not tenable (for closely held corps) when non-burdened alternatives exist, which they did as it was allowed already for others. Or in other words, see the first itemized point in this post.
  8. Here’s someone who believes the IRS “lost” all those emails by 6 independent computers all “happened” to be eaten by their respective dogs. The point is moot, as the most reasonable response is to allow that the matters which these emails where to have “cleared up” is, on failure to produce the requested data, that it means the accusation is deemed to have been found true.
  9. So, if true, the IRS under Obama has been totally corrupted by partisan bias. Welcome to the new world, in which the left has decided a partisan IRS is a good thing. Wonder if they’ll still feel that way the next time we have President from the right. After all, everyone does agree that turnabout is fair play … that’s axiomatic, right?
  10. statistic.
  11. This point might also be recalled during homosexuality is sin discussions.
  12. On the poverty and Ms Clinton affair. I also read Mr Clinton has offered that “we were 7 million in debt” … ahem. Mr Clinton, I’m pretty sure your debts were all covered (off the books, IRS-wise) by selling pardons in your last week or so in office.
  13. I disagree with this SCOTUS ruling. I’d offer that no union should be able to collect “dues” from any non-members. Ever. Under any conditions. Not one penny. That’s just wrong.
  14. My interest has waxed … we’re getting closer to the finals. For what it’s worth, I’m rooting for the Netherlands (mostly because they skated so well in the winter Olympics).
  15. A fellow blogger under duress.
  16. It can order. It cannot compel.
  17. If this is news for you. I’ve got more … kindergarten is over. Grow up.

Things Heard: e306v4

Thor’s Day?

  1. Why those of us with less talent drift to the slow twitch sports where discipline and good training can put us at least in the pack.
  2. foreign view.
  3. biting remark (hint: what threat … or else we will taunt you a second time?)
  4. Beauty in the eye of beauty specialists from other countries.
  5. There’s an explanation for the IRS email problem.
  6. Nanny state curtailed.
  7. A cop not honoring his responsibilities.
  8. A point which the green movement finds somewhat perplexing.
  9. Apparently by making a “extreme” (ridiculous? incompetent?) argument Obama and his admin intentionally worked for a 9-0 ruling against themselves. Believe that and you’re one of the few who believe the IRS accidentally lost those emails.
  10. Now there’s a dumb idea. Here’s a better one, to disambiguate “hot” (use spicy, thermy and hot for the three common meanings. As in habanero peppers are spicy. Coffee out of the machine is thermy, and that girl over there is hot).
  11. But, you know, she’s not running … hah!

Things Heard: e306v3

Woo. Tomorrow US/Germany FIFA, eh?

  1. Getting close to Japanese bushido (goal in life is a good death) or Christian thoughts (that you will not perfect your life without (a) God’s intervention and (b) not in this life). Well, that’s how I saw that quote.
  2. Saurovka.
  3. Yet thousands and thousands of 500 foot tall windmills taking terawatts out of wind energy out of the atmosphere will have no climate effects.
  4. In part because the security industries continued existence depends on them actually not solving the problem.
  5. Back when fossil fuel burning industrialized Woolly Mammoth society endangered the planet.
  6. Fire them all.
  7. Resistance to antibiotics.
  8. A little cuteness.
  9. Except the man was stupid enough to not notice while finding his gate, boarding and talking to fellow passengers.
  10. Actually it’s not criminal. However a Volokh poster the other day did point out the actual consequences, which are interesting to consider (but I’m not finding the link). The upshot was that in a court of law if you fail to produce expected evidence like this with no excuse the ruling is that the expected evidence is held found to be against you. Which in this case means the IRS emails should be viewed in the absence of their production, as indicating both White House involvement and intentional political motivations. Glad they settled that so firmly, eh?
  11. One of the world’s demographic time bombs.
  12. Just one election.
  13. One of the two Benghazi scandals involving Ms Clinton. The other being her claim that she had no involvement in the security arrangements, which is either a lie or evidence of law breaking (by statute the Sec of State must sign off on all embassy security details).
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