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Things Heard: e306v1


  1. Missing the point, badly. Not a few prophets were willing to tell “the Jews” they were going the wrong way (hint: Jesus was yet another Jew). Odd that. Mr Schraub (a Jew) isn’t afraid to tell Christians when he thinks they were wrong. Perhaps he thinks turnabout is not fair play. It might be observed however, the point in question (that Jesus criticized fellow Jews might be better served to point that we should not fail to criticize other Christians when they stray … hmmm to what might that be applied?).
  2.  Markets everywhere, and everywhere markets appear the state tries to rear its ugly head, apparently.
  3. Liberal elite and their cargo cultic magic, noted.
  4. Our mainstream media acting cliquish and stupid. Idiots abound.
  5. “Cheese, Grommit!” says Wallace.
  6. Biden, “I’m not rich” (just really dumb). No investments at all. Dependent forever on the kindness of, well, the public till.
  7. For the past 25 years, in a continuous trend, gun violence has been trending downward (while gun ownership has risen). However, facts and trends don’t matter to the real gun nuts. Guns and firearms give you the heeby-jeebies isn’t an argument for the curtailment of other peoples liberties. More people die on motor cycles than by gunshot, should those be banned?
  8. Apparently Roman Catholics don’t exchange a kiss of peace during their services.
  9. Forgetting the Civil War. Woops.
  10. Yeah. And Swiss cheese can’t be from Wisconsin. Oh, wait.
  11. Failing to give consent during a drunken encounter … compared to what the rest of the world calls rape.
  12. Speaking of rape, this has been making the rounds.
  13. And this too is not unrelated. That brings the old colonial British anecdote to mind, in which a British fellow was ordering the arrest of the people who had burned a widow on the death of her husband. He was informed this was an ancient custom of their people. He replied that it was an ancient custom of his people to hang people who burn women.

Things Heard: e305v3n4

Well the Midwest has been having a spate of T-storms. Last night’s flight suffered a few delays, but eventually I got home.

  1. Entropy is the clue, I’d think.
  2. Heroism.
  3. Echoes of that seminal Ratzinger/Habermas debate (the debate text can be purchased as a book, btw).
  4. Professional students, literally.
  5. If you intentionally misunderstand and then pretend insult … that’s a form of lying.
  6. Liberal academics on employment push the “do what I say, not what I do” tactic it seems.
  7. Much of this post might be right, but it ends with an absolute falsehood, “The widespread availability of high-powered military-grade weaponry does not keep us secure from tyranny ” … uhm. Hello? high powered military grade weaponry is illegal, scarce, and anything but widespread and available. Sorry. Fantasy doesn’t help you make your point.
  8. The actual trademarks you can freely use now.
  9. Cyber-warfare, electoral variety.
  10. against 55.
  11. He probably regretted both.


Things Heard: e305v2

Woo, going home tomorrow night. 14 hours ahead of schedule.

  1. A self-referential (somewhat hilarious) remark by Ms Clinton. Seriously though she’s right, the left elite should not terrorize the rest of us.
  2. Higher education and some more self-referential remarks by another left elitist.
  3. Somewhat in the same vein, an employee becomes an actual loyal employee, when apparently he figures he’s doing something else. Color me confused.
  4. Who in their right mind thinks it was accidental (or actually lost) … but setting that aside, that brings up the other side of the coin, i.e., those document saving standards they’d like us to keep … well? If y’all can’t do what you force us to do, well … (hack spit) words fail!
  5. On that same topic, at the end points 1-6 … well only 2 seems right. Five an indictment of the current President. Regarding #4 … there should be lots and lots of copies of those “missing” emails on different, uhm, tapes and servers.
  6. Dog. Wagged. Just like with Mr bin Laden.
  7. story. (HT) 21st century Tinkerbell.
  8. Some FIFA stats.
  9. Well, as for the last two panels, the guys you realize are talking about guns, sports, or beer … the girls about, well, people they know. There is a difference (viva la and all that)
  10. Not mentioned in this list is how many the Ukraine gave up when Clinton assured them the US had their back. Bet you they regret giving them up now, eh?
  11. In which “they are paid” apparently doesn’t mean “have a job” which it normally would I’d think.
  12. Germs.
  13. What is learned from studying history.
  14. Snowflakes chance you know where of that.
  15. Dismal indeed.

Things Heard: e305n1

Well, back in Georgia. Probably still very busy. Go-Live tomorrow morning.

  1. Getting cooperation in foreign affairs, a tale of two Presidents.
  2. On that topic, here’s a rumination on a possible theme, Bush made a mistake in Iraq (and highlights the error) compounded and made worse by Mr Obama.
  3. But don’t lose this point.
  4. When goverment forgets what rights mean and who’s working for whom.
  5. Why identity isn’t substance or property, but ontology and relationship.
  6. Missing repentance in a list.
  7. Recent Lerner lie lost the left. Probably only the loons remain on that fence-post.
  8. Some meta-linking but that billboard (and response) is a hoot.
  9. Anyone surprised?
  10. Explody stuff.
  11. One way to explain the popularity of climate alarmism.
  12. What is ISIS?
  13. On not quitting.
  14. scholastic experiment.


Things Heard: e304v4

Yo. Without much ado … links?

  1. Family matters and geography.
  2. ’cause doing that sort of thing what politicians like she do all the time, you’re just supposed to pretend it’s not so.
  3. A policy and the effect as predicted.
  4. The part that claims to be “friendly to women” isn’t. If one suspects the primary reason that party claims the other party is unfriendly to women is to provide cover for their own sins … you’d be right (oh, the other reason is that they, to paraphrase Mr Obama figure little girls grow up dreaming they will kill their babies and that sort of thing is women-friendly).
  5. My #1 daughter bought some ghost-pepper salsa. I’m not a fan. But, it makes for interesting viewing.
  6. I had a joke in mind when I saved this link. But I forgot it. You can roll your own.
  7. That probably goes the other way too.
  8. Dubious claims noted.
  9. In the “say something positive even if it makes no sense” mode, the President claims the GOP electoral results likely to stiffen House Republican’s willingness to compromise means they will be more willing to compromise. Riiiight. One wonders if he even read the statement before he made it.

Things Heard: e304v3

And another day done.

  1. Go. My one intuition from playing a little Go in high school is that it teaches you recognize a  non-winning position and abandon that before losses mount. Looking at Japan in WWII, playing the game doesn’t translate that skill to real life.
  2. It was a liberal tenet that fighting terrorism was a legal not military matter. To bad that presumption is both wrong and one held by an administration for almost a decade. (stupid or evil, eh)
  3. Why the left large brained administrators like euthanasia. Solves the GOMER problem.
  4. For the carbon entranced.
  5. Piketty problems.
  6. Taiwan and Tiananmen (HT)
  7. Color me unsurprised.

Things Heard: e304v1

Well, links?

  1. Stupid scholastic tricks.
  2. In a barely comprehensible move, an openly sexist site bemoans sexism.
  3. This is not unrelated, i.e., sexism noted.
  4. Obamacare continues to be a disaster.
  5. Just think some publisher paid her money to write that tripe. As for myself, it would take a great deal of money to convince me read even a little bit of it. I suspect that is true of a lot of people. Which makes it confusing why a publisher would want to publish such things. She is however, quite color blind when it comes to money.
  6. This book however, looks interesting.
  7. Speaking of books, this is what happens when two administrations in a row ignore David Petraeus’s book on counter-insurgency. Particularly the importance of other governmental agencies and specialties be engaged in rebuilding and enriching the country in question.
  8. Ice sheets melting, CO2 not implicated, oops.
  9. So I missed this when I sojourned in the wilderness. Did you?
  10. Medical ethics.
  11. Stupid liberal reactions noted.
  12. Two speeches.
  13. Screw the nanny state. Just stop it now!
  14. Why not “and”?
  15. Awesome illustrations.

Things Heard: e303v3-5


  1. Economic considerations for net neutrality.
  2. So … yuck or not?
  3. Crystalline structure and permanence.
  4. Government leads to wickedness. Why the left wants more of it, is the mystery.
  5. Well, he hasn’t … but the reason isn’t laziness. There’s no constituency at risk … that is the impact on the midterms is minimal if it doesn’t become a scandal. So, ergo, it doesn’t matter.
  6. How supporters of aff action and other less good ideas (reparations) justify racial barriers against Asians.
  7. Bang bang she said.
  8. Huh?
  9. The Crimean prize.
  10. Fair play.
  11. Choices and life.
  12. Journalists being dumb, noted.
  13. I’m pretty sure they all knew what was going on. I keep hearing “I thought they were looking out for me.” This is a lie. You, they, and everybody else around were focused on getting you back in the game. It’s what you wanted. It’s what they wanted. It’s what you got.
  14. Inflation.

Things Heard: e303v1n2


  1. Ms Palin makes a point, highlighting those on both sides of the aisle as hypocrites (those on the left who went after Ms Palin but find this abhorrent when aimed at Ms Clinton and the reverse on the right).
  2. “Deep concern”.
  3. Uhuh.
  4. Let ’em run free, get hurt and all that.
  5. Drones.
  6. Top speed vs cornering, … recall the Zero in WWII, eh?
  7. The elderly.
  8. demographic prediction charted.
  9. India, anointing and international elite opinion.
  10. Bad science.
  11. Smash, bang, hack.
  12. On Piketty.

Things Heard: e302v2n3

Wooh. Light at the end of the tunnel … one more day of silly hours (then travel and work Saturday). Ain’t life grand?

  1. Unemployment measured before the thought police got put in charge of the government. Kinda like how the census just “happened” to change how it measured important Obamacare metrics so the next data set will not be comparable with past ones for judging the effectiveness of the program (or should that be programme).
  2. Speaking on Obamacare, here’s how it’s bending that cost curve. First of many would be my prediction.
  3. Other news on that front here.
  4. Two on the Sterling kerfuffle, here and here.
  5. Wonder why bike racing is awesome? Go no further and just watch.
  6. Oy vey! The mountains are moving because of global warming  (Yikes! Catastrophic! Skary!)…. uhm wait. A 6000 foot mountain has a measureable .. 1-3 millimeter height variation (out of a seasonal 2cm shift) and that’s something that is …. well, move on. Nothing to see here (literally). (and by the by, the “human” cause of that  … just unsubstantiated rubbish).
  7. More climate news here.
  8. Country or not-country?
  9. Yikes.
  10. Drug tests.
  11. “Russia had serfs long after everyone else had abandoned serfdom” … uhm, Russia freed the serfs concurrent with the start of the Civil War. I mean, there are lots regrettable things that you can pin on Russia in her history (see 20th century) but the mock serf thing at a time when you had slaves? That makes no sense.
  12. Well, to be honest, physicists have been returning (absent evidence) to super-symmetry for 50 years so far … not because of new evidence but because it is (a) cool and (b) solves a lot of vexing problems.
  13. Hmm. I thought the saying was “out of the mouths of babes … come all manner of things.”

Things Heard: e302v1

So. I’m East of Atlanta … alas I think I won’t have time for anything but work.

  1. So, I’m thinking that the missing prelude to Brave New World is how did they get to a seemingly benign completely autocratic regime … seems our rulers figure if you toss a frog in boiling water it will object (jump out) but if you slowly heat the same water …. (case in point) (and yet one more)
  2. Yikes.
  3. A truly weird portrait .. oh, and they ride bikes.
  4. Da science is settled, just hold that thought, even if causes dissonance. Oh, and one more on climate.
  5. Embarrassing for the science educator establishment. Akin to a Natural History museum putting cavemen and T-Rex in the same diorama.
  6. From the loony left.
  7. Calling them!? Call a spade a spade doesn’t make it a spade. It was a spade before it was called out.
  8. Speech police continue. Don’t worry about actions. Just the speech.
  9. This is not unrelated.
  10. Corrosion resistance put to the test.
  11. Leadership and culture (compare to our President and his failed ‘teaching’ moments)
  12. question asked.
  13. And some of us voted for him. Who is he? Well, he (and she) is in the beltway and there are hundreds of them.
  14. My #1 daughter would strenuously disagree with the message on this sign. Her sister might concur however.
  15. Added to my reading inbox.
  16. The end of (your) days and … a homily for those around those at the end of their life.

Things Heard: e301v2

Hmm. Feels like Wednesday already. Yikes. Must have been a long day.

  1. Ms Clinton on guns. So, what does one of these liberal chuckleheads say when asked, “So, over the last 20 years gun ownership has steadily risen and gun violence has steadily fallen. What is this thing you think you need to fix?” Seriously. Why do they push this nonsense?
  2. The beltway gets the press it deserves.
  3. For the dirty deed’s done dirt cheap as a long term job opportunity.
  4. But here’s how not to do it.
  5. Exactly. Actually the PC speech thing is an interesting paradox. Those PC speakers typically despise the Victorian and the Victorian ethos. Yet they have appropriated their methods. A primary thesis behind the Victorian emphasis on manners (and if you don’t see a parallel between manners and PC speech rules you aren’t watching) was that correct the manners and the thoughts and interior ethics will follow the habits so engendered. How many PC speech enthusiasts like those applauding the Eich/Sterling/&c kerfuffles also reject that same Victorian thesis.
  6. picture perfect illustration why “education” on contraception isn’t the fix it is pretends to be.
  7. Moving on up, err, out.
  8. Oh, please. Get real.
  9. Freedom of speech is not (not not not not) a “collective” right.
  10. Which is why laws like this likely will not stand.

Things Heard: e301v1


  1. or go play soccer. Sounds like the right answer.
  2. Foreign policy.
  3. Deontology (I think) and lying.
  4. So, being incredibly stupid can be illegal.
  5. Sooo soo shtupid. The Palin haters probably are cringing.
  6. Demographics.
  7. Guess I’ve gone over to be part of the problem, eh?
  8. Heh.
  9. This is in the news. On the other hand, if something which occurs is easily predicted that means it’s not exactly an unintended consequence.
  10. Going back the bandwidth question … it the internet faster than a station wagon of (these or 128gig micro-SD) driving to the West coast faster or slower than the Internet.
  11. Booze.
  12. Forgetting he murdered young girl(s?) by burying them alive.
  13. Hamster fun.

Things Heard: e300v3n4

So dinner was late (after the evening workout) … and subsequently my blog-read time before bed became read-a-little. Anyhow, links?

  1. Some more thoughts on the NBA/Clippers kerfuffle.
  2. Betcha he muffs it.
  3. “Improve the current process” uhm, ever heard of a gun? They are quite reliable and inexpensive.  And, while I proposed this somewhat in jest years ago, I often think it might be the solution. Who about a federal statute limiting the applicability of capital punishment to those who profess belief in the afterlife.  (more on that here … including some background on the inmate for whom a botched execution is something of a logical consequence of his crime).
  4. Speaking of legal issues. This vid has been making the rounds. And it highlights a need for caning or whipping for people who pull crap like that (see also “depends on what the definition of what “is” is”). How about a statute, you pull that crap and you get a dozen with a cat-o-nine. After you’re out of the hospital you can return to your deposition.
  5. Location, location, location. Heh.
  6. So. If that descriptions sounds like a job you’d love, come on in. It is in fact the job I love.
  7. That looks like a very cool idea, until you realize storage/transmission losses probably are higher than mechanical ones.
  8. Speaking of cool …
  9. A loss of one of the great ones.
  10. A voice returns to the blogosphere. In an (alas) interesting place.
  11. The only thing strange is how much you liberal big government types misunderestimate how much many hate the welfare state.
  12. Libertarian stupid notions (the open borders nonsense) meets the real world consequence of same.
  13. Oh. Joy.
  14. Against puzzles for the ageing brain.

Things Heard: e300v2

G’day. Links?

  1. So. The Sterling kerfuffle moves into the second stage, here are two view (one and two). I’m a little concerned about the notion that you can have that much damage done by having a private conversation recorded, sans context, and voila. Ruination. Seems to me public actions should have those kinds of consequences, not private conversation. Just never argue a devils advocate position … ever.
  2. Well, I live in Chicago .. and while I don’t follow basketball, for what it’s worth in January they were expected to finish last in the East after losing Deng and Rose. They finished far ahead of expectations. That remains true.
  3. Wind.
  4. How the President should not argue.
  5. A public service reminder.
  6. The Benghazi cover-up … and it’s a success. Why was it a success? Because, I think,  the “video” story was believed by the gullible, the tribal, and the wicked. So if you bought the video story, which were you?
  7. A school to notice.


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